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Organizations Are Like People

One of the things we have confirmed over many years is that organizations have the same three fundamental gaps as people do. This, of course, is because organizations are made up of people.


Once your people have learned to understand the nature of the three gaps, and have learned to use the tools that will close those gaps in their individual lives, the organization is prepared to do the same.
Working closely with your executive team, 3Gaps consultants help clarify the Values, Beliefs and Goals that are driving current performance. Corporate gaps are identified and constructive plans to close those daps and enlist employees in the process are developed.

The Opportunity


Top performing cultures are cultures where there is OVERLAP between the best employees and the organization in three critical areas.

The Focused Organization


This OVERLAP creates areas of agreement that channel energy in a focused rather than fractured way.



Values Gap

The individual and the organization share the same top priorities/values. Since priorities are at the root of decision-making, overlap or agreement on priorities is essential to focus.


Where there is little or no overlap, top performers follow their own priorities and fracture the organization.

Beliefs Gap

Perception is key to focus. If the top performer believes an idea “works/won’t work” and the organization believes similarly, there is focus. But that overlap should be strategic, rather than accidental.


The best organizations cultivate cultures of “challenging beliefs” – creating environments where intelligent, passionate people can challenge each other and arrive at beliefs, perceptions, paradigms and strategies that are considered and thus, far more accurate.

Productivity Gap

Everyday people plan what they will do. Organizations which successfully embed their priorities, strategies and goals – in the form of daily plans – into the schedules of their top performers are channeling individual, daily activity into strategic impact.


Fractured organizations are filled with people (including top performers) who working according to very different “lists”. Those different lists create results but, because the lists are not in synch, the results inconsistent and organizational execution is fractured.



The 3Gaps – Organizational Application

Start with the individual and give him/her the tools necessary to identify their values, challenge their beliefs and plan their day strategically. The process of acquiring these outcomes is called “closing the 3Gaps”.

Once individuals have an “internal focus” they are ready to interact in more focused ways as groups.

no3This 3Gaps approach teaches organizations how to integrate and manage individuals to work within the organization’s values, beliefs and plans. Employees “map” their values, beliefs and plans on to the organization’s values, beliefs and plans. Both groups work to create “maximum overlap”.


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