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The 3Gaps book, 3Gaps: The Journey to Inner Peace, focuses on three new_book2“gaps” that limit individual and organizational access to inner peace and productivity. Closing those three gaps requires the application of three skills: connecting your activities to your values; connecting your beliefs to that which will meet your needs over time; and connecting the things you plan and do each day to your goals and aspirations.



Whether globally or personally, we are surrounded by chaos. And for many of us, the chaos seems to be increasing. We struggle with what we hear on the news, read on the Internet, and we struggle with more personal challenges like longer commutes, tighter budgets, day care, balancing career and family and finding time to live a life (not just funding one).


In organizations as well, chaos is ever present. Global competition, rapidly-changing and sometimes shrinking markets, increased costs for doing business and shorter time frames to get things done all bear down daily.



3 Gaps

After nearly three decades researching, teaching and writing, we’ve found that the key to inner peace lies in closing three gaps, in both our personal and organizational lives. We call these gaps,
1. The Values GapLiving Your Values—which means doing things every day that give your life purpose and meaning.
2. The Beliefs GapChallenging Your Beliefs—which means regularly reviewing and revising the things will create the outcomes you desire. This includes being willing to change a paradigm or perception, no matter how long held or how broadly accepted in order to drive the kind of behavior that gets the results you need and want in an ever changing world.
3. The Productivity GapPlanning Your Dreams. We all deal with the same, very limited, 24 hours in a day. Time never expands to meet demand. Finding ways to use time more productively and to focus efforts on your goals and dreams requires that you first, focus our attention on the things you can control and second, commit yourself to a simple planning process. We call it, “The Magic 15 Minutes,” where you tie together your values, dreams, goals and aspirations into a simple, clear and manageable plan that you can follow, measure and see results from.


To close each of the three gaps, we have a simple process for individuals, families, teams and entire organizations to begin the process of bringing what we do, in the areas of values, beliefs and productivity, in line with what you desire and need to produce the results you seek.


In a world of persistent and often overwhelming chaos, we make one simple promise: If you will close the gaps in the three areas outlined, you will achieve “inner peace.” Inner peace is a feeling of serenity, balance and harmony. Inner peace translates into a personal mindset and emotional state that creates success and enhances productivity.


Organizations who have shared the 3Gaps approach with their people not only see profound change at an individual level, but reap the outcome of people who are at peace—who are better focused, who work together with less friction and who are more productive and more strategic in getting critical work done.


Participants learn how to implement these three action approaches to achieve the outcomes outlined above—their Values, Challenge their Beliefs and Plan their Dreams.


The book, speech and seminar teach participants how to close the gaps using the three-action approach. In the book, Hyrum and Richard work with four experienced and successful co-authors. Each author uses their personal experience in one of the three areas—values, beliefs or productivity—to illustrate how their success in closing that gap has brought them not only a greater sense of inner peace but substantial and impressive achievement in their personal and professional lives.


Each skill/gap area is built around a story. That story is based on the life experience of a recognizable and successful individual who has made the journey to inner peace in one of the three areas described above.



Tyler and Jennifer Wilkensen share their life story of how their world changed when Tyler was driving to Jen’s cheerleading event, fell asleep at the wheel of his truck, rolled it and woke up paralyzed. Challenging their beliefs about what could no longer be, they married, grew a family and are building a life together, a life filled with challenge and chaos but governed by commitment and inner peace.


Linda Clemons, raised by her mother and grandmother, learned early about the power of having and living her personal values. As a young child, living with meager resources, she learned to value times where her siblings got a new bike or coat and she made “do” with an old one. Celebrating the blessing of others while making do has been a fundamental value that has propelled Linda to the top of her chosen career as one of the most dynamic coaches of professional women in America today.


McKay Christensen is a highly successful leader of a global healthcare corporation. But he always wanted to teach. Rejected by academia because of a lack of credentials, McKay put together a plan, went to work and developed both the resume and the message that allowed him to travel the world, teaching productivity to executives as a faculty member of one of the most prestigious business schools in the United States.


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