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You Are What You Believe, by Hyrum Smith with a foreword by Ken Blanchard, New York Times Best-selling author, is the first of 3 Gaps YouAreWhatYouBelieve_Final“Deep Dive Series”.


The “Deep Dive” series provides a more in-depth and comprehensive look at how to close each of the 3 Gaps – beliefs, productivity and values.


You Are What You Believe focuses on the “Belief Gap” with an intensive, example driven look at how to change beliefs on my Belief Window and manage the relationship between Needs, Beliefs, Behavior and Results.


If you enjoyed the section on “beliefs” in our signature book, 3 Gaps – The Journey to Inner Peace, then this book will both review what you’ve learned and provide you a wider and deeper look into and tools for closing any belief gaps in your life, the life of your family or your organization.


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