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For years, Greg Fullerton has trained Fortune 500 companies to become more effective and improve productivity, Greg became a sought after speaker and trainer. Greg has shared the stage with many recognized business leaders including Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, George Lucas and Lee Iacocca.

He was instrumental in helping Franklin Quest (now Franklin Covey) grow to a $500 million dollar organization, while consulting for Fortune 500 firms, including Price Waterhouse, MCI, PGA, Apple, Rubbermaid, Gulfstream, NASA, Chrysler Co. and Lucasfilms.

Following his career at Franklin, Greg co-founded Max Software, creating innovative marketing plans that included an infomercial with Chuck Norris and Patricia Heaton. Following Max Software, he co-founded Max International®, a nutritional supplement company, quickly growing revenue to $42 million in their second year. Greg co-founded iAccess Corporation and ContentWatch.


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