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People want to feel that they are making a positive difference in the world.

img_sales_01How do organizations make a difference?

  • Organizations make a positive difference by providing goods or services that improve people’s lives, by providing livelihoods for employees who help them reach those goals, and, often, by improving the communities in which they are located.
  • In order to keep doing that, they need to operate profitably, thus insuring the resources to continue operations.
  • One of the basic keys to profitable operations is a cadre of productive employees, whose energy and skills are focused on the organization’s goals.
  • Closing the three fundamental gaps that exist in every life is one way to improve the energy and focus of employees.
  • Aligning the values, beliefs and goals of employees and their employer unleashes that energy in exponential ways.

How do individuals make a difference?

  • In addition to their contribution in their work life, individuals have many other ways in which they can make a positive difference.
  • Everyone has family, nuclear or extended, where they have an opportunity to do some good.
  • There are unlimited opportunities in our communities to be involved in good works and to see others grow as a result.
  • People who are aware of their surroundings, and who have figured out their own values, beliefs and goals, see opportunities all around them in everyday life to make a positive difference.
  • People who reach this level experience Inner Peace, a feeling of congruity with their most important values.

img_sales_02How does 3Gaps Help?

  • 3Gaps educates people on the nature of the gaps in their lives, and what kind of difficulties those gaps can cause.
  • 3Gaps teaches people how to close these gaps, unleashing energy that previously was spent trying to reconcile inner challenges.
  • 3Gaps supplies online learning tools that make the process simple to understand and to implement.
  • 3Gaps follows up to be sure that the benefits of closing gaps in their lives are actually experienced.

Former Clients

  • Our speakers bring substantial business success towards teaching, motivating and moving your organization forward
  • They have presented to companies across the globe

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Who we are?

sales_hyrumWe founded one of the most sensational movements in Corporate America. Hyrum Smith, the original founder of Franklin Quest, now known as Franklin Covey, created a dynasty by teaching millions of people worldwide the importance of personal and organizational productivity through time management…


Today, Hyrum Smith and other key founders have combined decades of experience to positively impact Corporate America again with a new way of thinking that is sweeping through America’s businesses and corporations. Millions of people are coming to understand that closing 3 essential gaps will improve their ability to make a positive difference in the world, including at work.   We are committed to your success!

Pricing Matrix

Executive Overview
On Site Training
2 Hours
5 Attendees
Materials Included
Training Guidebook
Signed Book for each Attendee
Executive Pilot
On Site Training
Up to 4 Hours
Up to 10 Attendees
Materials Included
Training Guidebook
Signed Book for each Attendee
On Site Training
4 Hours
20 Attendees
Materials Included
Training Guidebook
Book for each Attendee
10% Discount*
$2,995 per person
2 Day certification
6 – 12 Attendees
Materials Included
All Training and Delivery Materials
Book (Soft Copy)
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Live In Person
1-2 Hours
Unlimited Attendees
Materials Included
Training Guidebook
25% Discount on Book (Soft Copy)
10% Discount*

*When paid in advance

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