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We teach individuals and organizations how to close three primary gaps in their lives. Hyrum W. Smith, Richard L. Godfrey and a group of industry veterans (who have spent decades speaking to individuals and organizations on these topics) teach these principles in a 90-minute speech.



The Values Gap—learning how to do the things you value—–that are central or core to who you are and what you want to accomplish in life.


The Beliefs Gap—everyone (individuals and organizations) needs to pay more attention to the effect your beliefs have on the results you’re getting. If you are failing to get the results you need, you need to understand there’s a gap between what you believe and what you need. Closing that gap—between what you currently believe and the beliefs that will meet your needs – is essential to success.


The Productivity Gap—time (the events that make up your day) and the effort to plan for that day directly impacts your productivity. Too many people and organizations are busy without being productive because there is a gap between their goals and how they’re investing their time.


What changes when we close the 3Gaps?

—Organizations develop a cohesive sense of mission, focusing more of their talents on critical issues and opportunities

—We experience inner peace

—We live our values

—We deal with reality, instead of things as we believed them to be.

—We become more productive

—We have the energy and focus to make a positive difference in the world




This seminar is based on the bestselling book, The 3 Gaps—Are You Making a Difference. During the seminar, we teach individuals how to better live their values, challenge their beliefs and create plans that are clearly linked to individual and organizational success. As a result, people are happier, have more energy to put into positive goals, and are more productive as employees.

Key Messages

  • Everyone has a basic desire to make a positive difference at home and at work.
  • Increased productivity and reduced friction result when individuals close the gaps in their lives.
  • Organizations attract and retain productive, engaged employees when the values, beliefs, and goals of the organization are clearly understood and practiced.
  • There is an important link between motivation and individual values, beliefs and goals.
  • High functioning organizations create overlap between an organization’s highest priorities and the individual employee’s highest priorities, driving accelerated performance.


The Experience

Organizations that participate in this experience will see their employees engage at higher levels of commitment and loyalty. Individual performers will be more motivated, more focused and more aligned with organizational priorities. This focus translates into increased competitiveness and strategic achievement.


Individuals will learn three main strategies that allow them to function more productively. They will learn how to close the gaps in their personal values, beliefs and plans. Closing those gaps creates “inner peace,” which translates into less stress, better relationships (at home and at work) and a clearer connection to what matters most.


The Approach

This is a fully-customizable learning experience. Our focus is connecting individuals to their own priorities and to the priorities of the organization. This is a case-study driven, learn-by-doing approach, where hands-on implementation of the 3Gaps toolkit makes up the majority of the activities.




Although we start with change at the individual level, organizations should also welcome the opportunity to close these gaps. In an organization, increased productivity is created when employees believe in, focus on and integrate the organizational values into their daily lives. The environment is leveraged when individuals, teams and the organization create the environment, hold the conversations and make decisions based on beliefs that are proven to work. Getting results requires a culture where people can challenge beliefs without denigrating others and past successes. Organizations achieve greater productivity when the organization’s goals are top priorities in individual plans, and individual and organizational effort is focused on executing the priorities, advancing the goals and achieving strategic success.


This program lets 3Gaps put “gap closing” experts in your organization who can match the power of the 3Gaps approach to your organizational challenges and opportunities. Much more than just bringing another training program in house, the 3Gaps approach provides your training professionals with a toolkit necessary to help everyone learn the process and take the necessary steps to live your values, challenge your beliefs, plan and execute your goals, and ultimately change your organization.




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