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Hyrum W. Smith and Richard (Dick) Winwood founded H.W. Smith and Associates in 1978, to teach individuals and organizations how to live their values and improve productivity. From those humble beginnings The Franklin Institute, then Franklin International, Franklin Quest and Franklin Covey were born— becoming a $500 million dollar, publicly-traded company that dominated the training world in the areas of values, leadership and productivity.   Richard L. Godfrey serves as Chief Executive Officer of 3 Gaps and is a founding partner.  Richard joined The Franklin Institute as an international consultant and has been a business partner with Hyrum W. Smith for more than a decade.  Jon Rowberry is an international executive (and former CEO of Franklin Covey) with expertise in corporate leadership, marketing, sales, and management. Karl Hillyard is the architect of Franklin Covey customer service software and services.   We are launching 3Gaps to help individuals and organizations live their values, challenge their beliefs and plan and execute their goals for greater productivity.


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