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While still a young man in his twenties, Hyrum Smith had the opportunity, while living in England, to hear Winston Churchill speak about making a real difference in the world. Hyrum came away from that experience with a firm resolve that he would follow, to some degree, in his idol’s footsteps.


From 1985 through the early 2000’s Hyrum concentrated his efforts to make a difference by building and then growing the global training and consulting company we all know as Franklin Covey. In his final years at Franklin Covey, working with his partner Stephen R. Covey, their team took the Franklin Productivity Pyramid, with its emphasis on living personal and organizational values, and the ideas behind The 7 Habits of Highly Effective people across the globe, improving both the quality and productivity of millions of lives.


Now Hyrum is back. It’s been more than a generation since he first took the message of living our values, challenging our beliefs and increasing our productivity through daily planning to the masses. Now, captured in the memorable and practical concept of 3 Gaps – Are You Making a Difference? – his new book, seminar and 21st century online software learning tool are ready to empower millions of people worldwide. The 3Gaps process will provide greater personal and organizational control, in a world of increasing chaos and the promise of serenity, balance and harmony in the midst of that chaos – what Hyrum has always called – Inner Peace.


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