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– How do organizations attract, engage and keep top performers

  • Those with the top performers win
  • Churn (turnover) costs organizations millions of dollars a year
  • On average every turnover costs 57,000.00 (US Department of Labor)
  • Top performers go where they belong and where they are motivated

– We’ve impacted millions of people and organizations worldwide for 4 decades



  • We built the largest, most successful training company in the world
  • We were focused on productivity and performance first in the market
  • We created the Franklin Planner
  • Hyrum Smith – founder of Franklin, Author of 4 world wide bestselling books, internationally renowned speaker
  • Richard Godfrey – over three decades as a top performing culture expert, author of ten books on organizational success, number 1 consultant with most value to international clients at FC
  • Dick Winwood – creator of the Franklin Productivity Pyramid, author of numerous books on productivity, co-founder of Franklin

What we do?
– We help individuals and organizations journey from outer chaos to inner peace. Inner peace defined as balance, serenity and harmony

We have identified 3 gaps that exist in every individual’s and every organization’s life that are:

  • Interfering with keeping top performers
  • Contributing to the chaos in the workplace
  • Fracturing and draining energy from the company

These 3 Gaps are:

img_gapsValue Gap

  • Are there clearly defined top priorities?
  • Are the organization’s and the top performer’s highest priorities overlapped/shared
  • Are shared values being used to draw in and hold on to top performers or are they just a “plaque on the wall”

Belief Gap

  • Are the beliefs of the organization, overall, and those of the top performers in synch
  • Do we agree on what we believe will work/won’t work, should do/shouldn’t do, good idea/bad, next steps/not next?
  • Do we have a culture where it’s more important to protect my ego by protecting my beliefs or where we can challenge beliefs without harming legitimate self esteem

Productivity Gap

  • If we were to walk around our organization and compare “planners” would the “A” priorities on our planners match or at least share critical elements?
  • Are the things we expect our top performers to be focused on each day the things they are?
  • If the planning overlap is weak/non existent, what are we doing to get better alignment of execution and action?

Ultimate Goal
– Our goals is to create maximum overlap between the values, beliefs and productivity of the executives, top performers and employees.

The Overlap Principle is the foundational key to:

  • Attracting, engaging and keeping top performers
  • Creating an environment of powerful and persistent motivation within the company
  • Turning conflict into constructive engagement

Unleashing the power of shared values, beliefs and productivity through the actions of:

  • Living shared values (not just a plaque on the wall or a card in the wallet)
  • Challenging beliefs – where you can confront my ideas without harming my person or ego
  • Sharing “A” priorities – where the whole team is focused on the same/similar priorities and putting resources and energy in those shared areas
img_overlap1 img_overlap2 img_overlap3

Our Presenters have WORLD CLASS credentials and experience.

sales_hyrumHyrum Smith
Hyrum is a distinguished author, speaker, and businessman. He is the Co-Founder and former CEO of Franklin Covey, Co. For three decades he has been empowering people to effectively govern their personal and professional lives. Hyrum’s books and presentations have been acclaimed by American and international audiences. He combines wit and enthusiasm with a gift for communicating compelling principles that incite lasting personal change.

Hyrum is the author of several nationally-acclaimed books, including The 10 Natural Laws of Successful Time and Life Management, What Matters Most, The Advanced Day Planner User’s Guide, and The Modern Gladiator. He also co-authored Excellence Through Time Management. Hyrum’s most current work is The Power of Perception: 6 Rules of Behavior Change. Hyrum’s books can be purchase on

sales_richardRichard Godfrey
Richard Godfrey, a founding partner of 3 Gaps and co-author, with Hyrum Smith, of the best- selling book by the same name, is an internationally recognized author, speaker, executive coach and consultant. A founding partner of The Galileo Initiative and that company’s lead executive consultant Richard also worked as Senior International Consultant with the Franklin Covey Company, where he was named Consultant with the Most Value to Clients, Richard has been helping organizations around the world for more than 25 years.

Richard has designed and written sixteen major leadership development and training programs and consulted on dozens of client interventions. He has spent the last decade particularly focused on helping executive teams make Culture a measurable, fundamental contributor to organizational productivity and success. He has worked with senior executives as a ghost writer on topics as diverse as customer service, organizational leadership, building organizational culture and attracting, engage and keeping top performers.

sales_dickDick Winwood


Executive Training
On Site Training
1 Hour
5 Attendees**
1 Pre or Post Training
Conference Call with Author(s)

Materials Included
Training Guidebook
eBooks for all Attendees
Signed Book for each Attendee
90 Day App Preview


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Live In Person
2 Hours
Unlimited Attendees
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eBooks for all Attendees
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Half Day Workshop
On Site Training
Half Day
35 Attendees
1 Pre or Post Workshop
Conference Call with Author(s)

Materials Included
Training Guidebook
eBooks for all Attendees
Book (Soft Copy)
30 Day App Preview


15% Discount*

Full Day
6 Attendees
4 Pre or Post Certification
Conference Call with Author(s)

Materials Included
Training Guidebook
eBooks for all Attendees
Book (Soft Copy)
1 Year App Preview


10% Discount*


*When paid in advance
**Ask about premium cost for selected presenters

Guarantee – We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee to any organization not satisfied with our work.


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