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Richard L. Godfrey, serves as the Chief Executive Office of 3 Gaps. A founding partner of 3Gaps, he is an internationally recognized author, speaker, executive coach and consultant.

Richard was a founding partner of The Galileo Initiative and the company’s lead executive consultant.  Previously, Richard worked as senior international consultant with Franklin Covey, where he was named “Consultant with the Most Value to Clients.” Richard has been helping organizations around the world for more than 25 years.

Richard has also designed and written 16 major leadership development and training programs and consulted on dozens of client interventions. He has spent the last decade focused on helping executive teams make culture a measurable, fundamental contributor to organizational productivity and success. He has worked with senior executives as a ghostwriter on topics as diverse as customer service, organizational leadership, building organizational culture and attracting, engaging and keeping top performers.

He is the author of a number of books including On The Shoulders of Giants; Confronting and Conquering Challenging Times; The Seven Laws of Learning; Why Great Leaders are Great Teachers; Custom Service DNA; Building Blocks That Drive Customer Loyalty; Beyond the Driving Catch; The Organizational Learning Handbook; Stand and Deliver; How to Speak in Ways that Change Lives; Relationships, Relationships, Relationships; The Five Keys to Success.

Richard holds degrees in general and organizational psychology. His particular interest lies in helping individuals and organizations manage the natural friction of interpersonal relationships in creative ways that drive productive outcomes.

Richard and his wife, Heather, live in Salt Lake City, Utah. They keep busy gardening, hiking, traveling and spending time in the mountains, when Richard is not occupied tending to his bees. They have two children.


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